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Is religion still important in your life? If, its important. Why many people are still believe doing the actions and deeds that are contrary to religion? Actions that are inconsistent with the teachings of religion lies not only in the countries population are Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and just about anything, but also Muslims. There is a gap that is sometimes very big difference between religious teachings and behavior of its adherents believe that even very religious guide is very important in their lives.
Before that, we know about what is religion? Religion is God decision or religion is the God decree which is revealed to His Prophet Muhammad as guidelines for human life. The relationship between God and his creature. These relationships are manifested in the attitude of heart and are visible in the worship and are reflected in his behavior.
And then, It found, the Muslim belief in the importance of religion is so high, that Islam is very important in their lives, which is 94 percent (100 percent in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia 99 percent, and Turkey 86 percent). Next is the followers of Hindu India (86 percent), and Christian (66 percent). Furthermore, 61 percent of Muslims believe in all three countries, Islam as the only true path to salvation, while among Hindus only 26 percent, and the Christians as a whole 19 percent.
Again the question: "Why is religion so important in the Muslim world, especially in Indonesia?"
Islamic tendencies showed strong survive, if not increase-in its followers. Although many of the Muslims in various regions experiencing upheavals and had long under European colonialism, Islam has never subsided. In fact, in most cases, witnessed the increasing dynamics of European colonialism Islam from time to time, until the post-World War II, in which many Muslim countries achieved independence.
Furthermore, the modernization and secularization of the ruling regime in many Muslim countries are also not able to reduce the position and role of Islam. In fact, in some countries, like Indonesia, modernization or development yield has many significant advances in many areas of life. From education, social, economic, up to political all area these developments led to various forms of Islam strengthening symptoms.
The problem then is still in the the persistence of contradictions or gaps between the very strong belief in the truth of Islam by the behavior of people in everyday life. Seen no positive correlation between survival and increased faith in Islam with actual behavior. Faith is not realized in real life.
Most frequently cited example is about that there is still very rampant corruption in Indonesia at various levels of life, since the environment of the ruling elite and bureaucracy down to the level of everyday society. Almost everywhere stepped, one can find various forms of action that belong to the corruption that is clearly forbidden by religion.
Therefore, a challenge-especially for religious Muslims- today and the future is to realize that incorporating belief in religion into the behavior and actions of the actual day-to-day is very important. Religious people should not stop at mere ritualism; diligent in worship, but also diligent in violation of religious teachings and values, and the provisions of law. The importance of religion should not just on faith and ritual; it should also be in the actualization of religion teachings and values ​​in personal life, community, nation, and the country everyday.

Nb: tugas UAS bhs Inggris oleh Rullyta Desi (Bintun Nahl)

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