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Message Wisdom for The Husband / Prospective Husband ☀

(¯ `v '¯)`•. °. • (¯` v '¯) ♥........` •. °. • ``(''` `v''). ... ♥ ♥ ... ♥ `•. °. • '♥ ♥ ♥☀ Message Wisdom for The Husband / Prospective Husband ☀
Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
O you akhi who holds a husband / future husband together let us examine the following message ..

Women are a part of man's rib, he is a soul mate, a source of tranquility, peace, love and peace.

God created a beautiful creature named woman is as apparel for men and the trust was imposed on him

The woman is one who glorified, mother of the clergy, women rulers / leaders of the nation ... Did not the Prophets, Apostles and anyone who holds a born leader of the woman's uterus?

O my husband / future husband devoted servant of God ...

Be happy and thankful if get the gift sholehah wife, who obey you, to maintain self-esteem and your treasure is also able to guard against things that are forbidden him ...

Be happy and thankful for the gift of it ...

Wife is a woman who is basically gentle, wanting affection, love, kindness and benevolence ...

Therefore, let the husband is always devoted to God in the face istripun so filled with compassion, gentleness, giving birth and a living mind, and holds promise faithfully as when the initial encounter.
Because the wife basically has a sense of tenderness and sensitivity, if that does not look good behavior should easily forgive and advised him wisely.
Allaah says:
"And hang out with them is worth. Then if you do not like them, (so be patient) because maybe you do not like something, but God made him that much good. "(Surat an-Nisa: 19)
In a hadith from Abu Huraira said, Praise be to Allaah Messenger Shallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam said:
"Advise the woman because she was actually created from a rib, and the most crooked of the rib is its base, if you try to straighten it you shall break it, if you leave then it will remain crooked. Therefore Advise women. "(HR.Bukhari and Muslim).

Including the association of both the wife is advised wives to always speak the polite and courteous, always close the genitalia (wearing a veil, do not wear clothes that are thin and tight) when dealing with men who are not unrelated, and do not wear perfume when out of the house.

This message is a pearl conditioning as well as encouraging the women, so they realize how high the position she was suppose to follow Shari'a him ..
Thus fillah friend of my brother, I hope this thread useful.
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