Kamis, 12 Juli 2012

Advice for my soul ..

O me ... if you read this message by presenting God in you, with a sincere heart, feel at peace sign means you are still alive. God has given you a chance. ? Opportunity to repent, the opportunity to establish relationship with God, an opportunity to improve themselves, a chance to multiply good deeds, the opportunity to establish good relations between fellow human beings, the chance to mempebaiki quality of life and the life, the opportunity to address all the grief and suffering with sincerity and patience, opportunity to succeed and succeed, the opportunity to achieve the ideals and desires, the opportunity to build a dream, and other opportunities on many things.

O my soul .. lo your right, look left, many people who can not get a chance to live because they have a short life ... they have returned to God's presence .. they only bring their deeds during his lifetime .. not necessarily their deeds can help them in the afterlife .. they are embarrassed to God .. what will they be shown to God? But their own deeds .. While you see, you are still alive. So do not delay the improvement of life. Starting from the smallest, can you fix. Especially the quality of your prayers. Nonsense of life improvement effort will succeed when you pray do not solve. My soul, please do not make mistakes as strong mungkinengkau and new evils again. Resist the carnal passions, do not you indulge. Ask God's help and guidance with a full sense of His belief in HIS. Remember ... .. rest assured God will help you.

O my soul, two things must you sow today, while you are still alive: first, look at your treasure is valuable, if any, charity in Allah's way. To redeem your mistake and as a charity that everyone knows can facilitate your business in the world, the grave and the hereafter. Secondly, that no one detikpun of your valuable time is wasted because you are still blessed with life, unless you are doing good, doing good and doing good. Indeed, if death has come, can no longer be postponed, and we can no longer change anything behind us. such as the word of God:

"And spend some of what We have given you before death come unto one of you, and he said, 'My Lord, why have you not suspend my end for a minute that cause I can bersedekahdan I include those who do good? 'Unfortunately, Allah will not suspend a person's death if it has come time of his death. And Allah is Aware of what ye do. "(Surat al-Munafiqun: 10-11)

O my soul, in fact a difficulty, problem, disease, suffering, etc. is a gift from Him. With it we can correct yourself and get closer to the Supreme All-HIS. In addition, we should be grateful and sincerely accept it. Because God loves us. But the brain is often mean that everything is harmful, painful, excruciating feelings, and lost, everything is a disaster. Though it is no accident but rather a test or pleasure. if precisely the things that we can increasingly appreciate the gift of God, growing faith, and the closer to Him. And we believe that God will not give it a test to his servant exceeded his limits.

O my soul, the real fun is the problem. When? When pleasure leads us to the condition of Kufr favors, pious so wrong, so pious tyrant, reduced faith, as well as increases away from God. If this condition happens, then we should call it a disaster, or exams. Just think, when ill, we are close to God. We pray, pray, and all the virtues we do. Once healthy, we forget. Rarely or kadang2 Pray, pray and even then sometimes forced, to do a little good but munkar often done. Na'udzubillahi min forbid. When hard, we moan, ask God's help by praying, weeping uncontrollably to feel close to God. But so happy, we forget. When not having a job, diligently praying sunnah. Once a job, forgotten sunnah prayers. And so on. Naudzubillahi min forbid.

 O my soul, days ago, the days that had passed, certainly a lot of hard and happy stories are recorded in our minds. Learn the story of where we want to live in the days ahead. Do not choose a way of life that makes you unhappy. Do not choose a way of life that makes you hard. Choose the way of life that makes you unpopular Allah and His Messenger.

 O my soul .. As a believer, we have determined that this day should be better than yesterday, better than any side, including better than the side of science, faith, and devotion. No problem we got past that bad, as long as we always strive to continually improve themselves and continue to improve themselves to God saw you have change for the better. Since our Prophet said:

                "Those who undergo this same day by day yesterday so he included a loss. Moreover, if today is worse than yesterday. A person is lucky when the day is better than yesterday. "

 O my soul .. not necessary to be ashamed if you ever coupled with bad titles and berkehidupan bad. Precisely shame when you never change your life path. We know that the past, present and future is a different time dimension. The past has become history, we can only remember him, to see the records of events that are on it. Meanwhile, what of the future? He is still a mystery. So, certainly and truly belongs to us is the present. He is a gift from God that we welcome and worthy of our best advantage. He shall determine the merits of our future. He also is able to fix our bad records in the past. Therefore, perlalukan past such as the rearview mirror. Suffice it is seen occasionally as a guide. Our greatest task is to live the present with great earnestness and looked at the future with the full calculation. Too focused on the past will only be wasting time in vain. Forget the burden of suffering, forget all the sorrow and the bitter memory that may be incurable. Discard all of it and face the future with new eyes. If today goes without involving God, or even forget about him, it is time to walk with God and always remember Him.

O my soul .. not ashamed to man when you do evil and reap evil consequences, because it is not those who gave us food and drink. However, shame to God. Do not despair if you're also experiencing a failure, whatever it is bitter. Because what you need is the courage to face the future with optimism and renewed hope, unwavering intention to organize life, fix what needs to be repaired, and the pursuit of evil with goodness.

 O my soul .. You can still fix what needs fixing. You can still change what you want to change. You can still catch what you wanted to pursue. You can still achieve what you want to accomplish. You can still accomplish what is still a problem. You can still beg forgiveness and apologize for any oversight. Because you are still alive .. You will never be late until it's time you turned off, because when we're dead, we just accept fate.

 O my soul, no man is perfect in this world. Anyone person definitely has its drawbacks, though a prophet, though, people hebatpun, who holds various titles. Humans rather humiliating shortcomings. Humiliating people is the feeling that he does not have flaws. Feel perfect, so he denies the truth. If anything does not have flaws, so consider yourself already a perfect imperfection. This is the beginning of the destruction. Indeed the most perfect is God. This is what people usually forget him.

 O my soul ... morning start your day with fun and excitement, then throughout your day be filled with happiness. Confidence is a prayer. Be assured only on positive things. Because of the positive things only happen to those who are able to think positively. Remember, the magic only happens to those who believe in miracles. Do not believe you can not get out of trouble. Because the way out the problems that will come when we believe that we are able to solve it. Do not believe you can not recover from an illness. Since your recovery is coming along with you believe that you will recover. Iringilah strength of your convictions by improving the quality of worship to God and relationship to humans and the environment. Hopefully, your faith is more likely to become reality.

O my soul ... Besarkanlah your heart with the greatness of Allah, your Lord. Do not believe in mind that sometimes teaches at the desperation and weakness. Get out of the environment that brings you into a bad or evil inheritance. Go to a collection of people who hold good. This is the chain of kindness. Tabunglah as much kindness that saved your life. Fortunately for you, O my soul, has a God, God's forgiveness and His mercy is unlimited. As in a hadith qudsi ...

                God said, "When a servant came to Me with sins area of the earth and sky, I'll accept it with forgiveness and mercy area of earth and heaven, too."

 Hopefully we can all melakuakan the best bit by bit. God is always beside us. God always includes us. He was Maha Accept our repentance.

And Allaah knows best.

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